IFSEC Finalist 'Access Control Product Of The Year 2015'

Building on last years success with the UNC100, ARAS & RBH have once again been nominated in the 'Access Control Product Of The Year' category for 2015.

Please click on the Safesuite below to download the pdf for this years IFSEC Awards Finalist.


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Since 1995 we have been designing and manufacturing Enterprise Access Control and Security Management systems for the UK and International markets. Through the years we have taken pride in delivering high innovation levels and feature rich products. We continuously invest in research and development, as well as improvements to the manufacturing and distribution aspects of our business.

Through working closely with all of our customers we are able to offer a more comprehensive range of access control solutions, including the following.

  • Time and Attendence
  • Lift Integration
  • Guard Tour
  • Asset Tracking
  • Visitor Management
  • Stand Alone
  • Automated Muster Reporting
  • POE
  • Stop and Search
  • Photo ID Production
  • Building Facilities Integration
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • Web Clients
  • Biometric Integration including    
  • CCTV, DVR and NVR Integration
  • Aperio Wireless Integration
  • Hot Standby or High Availibility
  • GSM Weigand Readers
  • Lone Worker



 Our Products

  • Software – from Enterprise to Small Business Access Control solutions, we have packages specifically tailored to a customers needs. Utilizing the latest in Microsoft platform technology we deliver responsive and reliable software on the desktop, server and over the web.
  • Hardware – our Access Control work in the harshest of environments and in a variety of applications all over the globe. Employing open interface protocols we allow for a great selection of available identification devices from proximity, to fingerprint and iris, as well as a myriad of other technologies available on the market today.
  • Identification Devices – in addition to the ability to connect readers and other 3rd party devices, we offer a line of proximity, long range and biometric readers. These bring added value and reliability as well as a great branding opportunity to our partners.

RBH Advantages

  • Our software is produced by an in-house software development team with a strong emphasis on long term life cycle support and complete control of the code base.
  • Our hardware engineers design our controllers and other devices in close cooperation with the software development team to ensure that all the important features are embedded directly into our equipment’s firmware, while ensuring, “bullet proof” performance out in the field.
  • Our Access Control products are designed and manufactured with strong attention to Quality Control with up to date components and manufacturing techniques.
  • Our components are designed and manufactured under one roof which is the first step to ensuring quality and advanced design.